Dog walking

dog walkingIs your dog bouncing off the walls or full of anxious energy from being left all day? No-one likes to be left behind at home! Want to have a happier dog? Loneliness, boredom and inactivity can contribute to an unhappy and destructive pet with behavioural problems e.g. barking & digging. Physical and mental stimulation and companionship can greatly reduce or eliminate this.

Walks are in groups of four or five dogs and is off lead with owners consent. Most dogs love the group walks because they’re able to mix with other friendly dogs, giving them a chance to socialise.

All walks include transport to and from your door in a pet friendly van, retrieving balls and toys, playing with new found friends and generally having a ball. Places visited are varied to keep things fresh. I will also provide treats (if allowed), fresh water, towel dry if wet or muddy, lots of love and hugs!

I also recommend that all dogs wear collars with ID tags. It is a requirement of the Control of Dogs Order 1992 “that every dog while in a highway or in a place of public resort shall wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on the collar or on a plate or badge attached to it. It is also important that your dog is sociable/friendly and doesn’t show signs of aggression.


If you are out at work I can retain a set of your house keys. All keys are stored securely and are NOT identified by names and addresses.

Prices – 2014/2015

Weekdays (Mon-Fri) 1 Hours walk £10.00
Weekends 1 Hours walk £15.00
Bank Holidays* 1 Hours walk £20.00

These prices include feeding if required. Discounts are given for two or more dogs living at the same address. Second and subsequent dogs will be walked at £5 per dog per walk.

* Bank holidays are normally taken as leave but cover can be arranged at special request.

  • What our clients are saying…

    “Thank you for sending the pictures, they are wonderful, Nordica looks so happy. She is not the same dog at all now and loves meeting and playing with new friends. It is good to see the other dogs; they all look like they love their time together. For me, Love Em n Leave Em has been a God send. Thank you so much.” Angelena Fixter, Knaresborough, March 2006